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Microsoft – Windows, Office, mobile, web and beyond

Few sounds signal the start of an office workday like the startup chimes of computers powered by Microsoft Windows.

Soon after, workers get to Word to draft documents, Excel to crunch numbers, PowerPoint to plan presentations and, of course, Outlook for email, calendars, tasks and other stuff.

Meanwhile, the server room hums to the work of back-office workhorses like Exchange and SharePoint, while mobile workers stay in touch using Windows Mobile devices.

Ubiquitous in business, Microsoft’s success is undeniable – but will it last? Apple’s Mac OS and the open-source Linux continue to encroach on Microsoft’s Windows turf. BlackBerries, Apple’s iOS devices, and now Android devices are proving powerful competitors in mobile. Not even Microsoft Office is safe – free or less expensive options have lured legions of Microsoft users out of the Redmond, WA fold.

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