Copywriter, technical writer, translator (FR>EN, ES>EN, IT>EN), journalist


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“Luigi is a skilled writer and he understands the legal and technology industries well. He was able to review some preliminary direction and a few interview transcripts and transform them into a quality article which greatly pleased my client.” – Christy Burke

“As primary editor of an upcoming anthology, Prose To Go, I worked with Luigi, who was our technical advisor. Luigi solved formatting problems and a myriad of other issues. He was unfailingly patient and helpful, and a pleasure to work with.” – Irene Davis

“I’ve used Luigi a number of times to help tell a great story for our company. This included interviews with customers and partners. He was organized, on time, flexible and really cared about the end result. He should be especially proud that his work lead directly to several Microsoft award recognitions at both the country and global level.” – Andrew Steane

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