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Sending calendar appointments

When I book an appointment with somebody else, I put it in my computer’s calendar and send the other person an invitation from within the appointment.

But for some reason, the other person doesn’t always receive the invitation. While I do use a Mac and recently activated my iCloud account, this operation does work with both Macs and Windows-based computers, whether they use Exchange or some other server. And when the issue does happen, it can happen with Windows OR Mac computers, whether or not they use Exchange.

While I haven’t figured out how to prevent this issue, I have found another way to invite people to such appointments. If this issue plagues you too, read on.

Once you create an appointment in the Mac calendar, right-click it and choose Mail Event. (In an Outlook calendar, right-click the appointment and choose Forward.) This option ensures the other person gets your invitation.

To make doubly sure you transmit the details, open the appointment, select all of its contents and copy them. Then paste them into the email.

Clumsy as this workaround may be, it can help you ensure that the person you want to meet with gets all the meeting details you want to send.