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A rant about calendars

Whenever I send people an email, chances are it either arrives in their inboxes or, in a small minority of cases, their spam filters reroute it to their spam boxes. One or the other. Emails just don’t get lost in transit.

I’d expect the same thing to happen with calendar invitations. Not everybody I work with understands or uses calendar invitations. In some cases, they don’t even use online calendars like those found in Outlook or people’s GMail accounts. But many professionals I set meetings with use both their calendars and invitations (also known as meeting requests)  as second nature.

Yet calendar appointments don’t always make the trip. I’ve blogged about a workaround I use when that happens. Still, I’d love to know why calendar invitations still don’t travel as trouble-free as emails do. They use the same channels. They often end up in the same software.

I’ve decided to finally investigate this issue – to no avail. So I’m doing the next best thing: ranting publicly about it in the hope that somebody else might have an answer for me.

If anybody reading this can offer insight as to why calendar invitations don’t always work as advertised, please let me know in the comments below. I rely on these invitations most days, and the risk of missing appointments which drives me to follow up on invitations just doesn’t cut it.