Copywriter, technical writer, translator (FR>EN, ES>EN, IT>EN), journalist

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Have you ever used technology that moved you? That brought out your inner geek? I have. A few times. Okay, more than a few.

I equally enjoy telling the story of standout technology, stuff that will make a difference to others – once they learn about it.

Are you telling that story about your technology? Clearly? You know there’s a story there, a compelling one. A story that will convince people to sign on with you, to put their faith (and their dollars) in the value you offer.

Once again: How well – how clearly – do you tell your story?

If you’re not sure, it’s time to talk to a writer who can bring out your story. One who can quickly grasp what you’re trying to do. One who can ask you intelligent questions, who can help you simplify, clarify (and ultimately tell) your story.


I took an indirect route to copywriting. I started as a technical writer, providing manuals, workshop aids and training for sophisticated software.

Writing for clients led to their telling me what they understood. (I’ve worked for some small outfits.) Training clients led to more immediate feedback. And so I tailored my delivery to help make sure people understand what they read, or what I say.

Helping customers and prospects alike to connect the dots is a valuable skill, one that I use today as I demystify technology, bringing forth the value it offers in language agreeable to non-technical and technical readers alike.


I’ve written for organizations like Microsoft, MTS Allstream, and the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Health. I’ve produced white papers, case studies, success stories, executive profiles, reports, web copy, and other materials. Also, I’ve contributed to consumer and trade publications such as The Toronto Star, and

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