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Tagging files

Sometimes I come across features that seem cool, but in my case amount to overkill. Apple’s Finder Tags are one such feature.

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Creating better passwords

I just checked out the meaning of the word “entropy” and here’s one of the definitions I found: lack of order or predictability

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Writing Process Blog Hop

Thanks to Suzanne Boles for inviting me to participate in my first Writing Process Blog Hop! Reading from post to post, you’ll learn how different writers do their thing. First things first: let me introduce Suzanne. Suzanne Boles is a London, Ontario-based freelance writer whose latest adventure (that I know of) involved traveling to Hawaii […]

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Sync your phone

I recently watched a podcast (embedded below) about syncing a phone’s contacts with Google contacts. It reminded me of what happens to people who: rely on their phones exclusively for contact information for hundreds, if not thousands, of people don’t back up their phones to their computers don’t synchronize their phone’s data to the cloud […]

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A better car touchscreen?

Carmakers continue to pack ever-increasing amounts of technology into their wares. While much of what they offer makes perfect sense, I sometimes wonder if buyers understand how to use it all. To be fair, many people have had difficulty learning how to use sophisticated gadgets, most notably computers, ever since they were first introduced. Now, […]

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Finding things on your computer

Every day, people need to find things stored on their computers. Some people store them on the desktop, to the point that the desktop looks impossibly cluttered. Others put shortcuts on the desktop – same effect. I still keep files in my Documents folder so that it gets backed up to an online service. But […]

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My website has been hacked

Here’s how I found out my WordPress-based website was hacked. One day in January 2014, I had to find an article on my website. I’m a freelance journalist, among other things, and I republish most of my articles on my website once they’re no longer in the current issue of the magazines I write for. […]

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Review: 2014 Mazda3 Sport

Where do you go if you want to test a car’s technology? Why, to Québec City during Winter Carnival, of course! That’s where I took a Soul Red Mica Mazda3 Sport. Significantly redone for 2014, it delivered on looks, from the vertical front grill sporting an oversize Mazda logo to the steeply raked window on […]

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For LEGO megafans

Some time ago, a P.R. rep from No Starch Press contacted me about a book they were publishing. Their slogan is “The Finest in Geek Entertainment.” I have no idea why they contacted me (cough). The book, The LEGO Adventure Book: Spaceships, Pirates, Dragons & More! (ISBN-10: 1-59327-512-9) tells a very loosely woven story as a […]

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Custom keyboard shortcuts

I frequently add comments to both Word documents and PDFs. In Word, there’s an “Insert Comment” menu command and in Preview (the software I use to view PDFs) there’s a “Thought Bubble” menu command. Another thing I frequently do is save my documents as I work on them. To do so, I press the Cmd-S […]

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