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Hitting the hockey highway in the 2016 Ford Flex AWD

Bad weather seemed to be the watchword for my week with the 2016 Ford Flex AWD Limited. Just look at it the day after I picked it up for this review. Fortunately, weather didn’t put a damper on anybody’s spirits. The Flex was going to prove an able teammate on that quintessential journey, the weekend hockey tournament. […]

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What a phone scam sounds like

Hearing messages like the one in this post annoys me. Before I go into my bullet-pointed rant, click the link below to listen to a 40-second recording I made of a voice mail message early this spring (my apologies for the rough audio quality, but it is all understandable): 613-927-9672 The phone number is  quoted twice in […]

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2016 Mitsubishi Outlander ES 4WD

In the automotive market, crossovers may be the hottest, most competitive segment. So it’s no surprise Mitsubishi brought a number of refinements to its 2016 Outlander.

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Nostalgia for outdated technology

A recent road test in a BMW reacquainted me with the task of drawing letters on a touchpad. BMW’s version of the in-car screen system consists of a controller that you twist like a knob, shove in several directions like a joystick and press like a button. This controller is about two inches in diameter. When you […]

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BMW X1 xDrive 28i

It’s rare that I say “no thanks” to extras on vehicles I review, but I had to ask the rep who recently set me up for a week with the BMW X1 xDrive 28i to remove the BMW-branded roof rack it was equipped with. (I was afraid it might hit the sprinkler pipes that crisscross the ceiling of my […]

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Powering technophile habits

Question: What do you get for technology enthusiasts who have every gadget they could desire? Answer: an external battery that can keep their gadgets running all day long. Rechargeable batteries that quickly charge mobile devices are all over the place. How does a battery maker stand out from this highly commoditized crowd?

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The 2016 Lincoln MKC

Summing up any automotive brand in a few words isn’t easy, but if I had to explain Lincoln vehicles briefly, I’d start with understated elegance and a smooth ride. That’s certainly the case with the 2016 Lincoln MKC. First impressions The unitized welded steel body on my Midnight Sapphire Metallic tester offers a handsome profile, flowing from the signature Lincoln […]

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A retail business website played me

Several weeks ago, I decided to buy a Bluetooth headset to replace my beloved but deceased Plantronics BackBeat 903+. The headset I chose: the Plantronics BackBeat FIT. I trust the manufacturer and it’s marketed as holding up to sweat if you wear it during workouts. (I think that’s what did in the BackBeat 903.) I visited several […]

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Out of Arizona: the 2016 Hyundai Tucson

Crossovers have won sizeable chunks of space on the roads, in parking lots, in dealer showrooms and particularly in the hearts of car buyers. Just about every automaker in the world offers a crossover, and it’s into this competitive niche that Hyundai has introduced the 2016 Tucson. First impressions

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Thoughts on machine transcription

As a journalist and business/technology writer, I regularly record interviews. I also listen to recordings of other people’s interviews. Following each recording, I embark on the slog of transcribing what interview subjects say. I regularly deal with different accents, so I can (gleefully) make out every word said in the following video. There’s a point to my […]

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