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Seven habits for recording interviews

As a journalist, I regularly record my interviews (with the interviewee’s knowledge and permission, of course). I’ve used several audio recording technologies over the years. Thinking through them all, I’ve come up with five that have proven dependable, if not always outstanding. They range from free to mid-range expensive. More importantly, I’ve also developed seven habits […]

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Review: 2015 Toyota Yaris

I’ve spent time on Italian roads, largely in small cars. My extended family there will tell you how expensive gas is (it hovers at roughly twice the price paid in Canada). Yet however economical their cars are to drive, they are far from spare. They buy cars that offer comfort, handling, performance and modern conveniences, […]

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Review: 2015 Subaru Impreza

This past fall, I drove what was allegedly the most ticketed car in the U.S., Subaru’s WRX. This winter, I drove what might be termed the “other end” of Subaru’s  spectrum of power, the 2015 Impreza.   If I made the Impreza sound pedestrian with the words above, that was misleading of me. It certainly handles […]

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My favourite productivity tips, tools and strategies

On Tuesday, January 20, 2015, fellow freelancer Jane Langille and I will deliver a panel discussion on Enhancing Productivity: Tips, Tools, and Strategies to the Toronto chapter of the Editors Association of Canada. To prepare for my portion of this event, I drew up a quick mind map to order my thoughts on productivity tools. I’ve already […]

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Effectively filtering junk mail

Many people mark messages as junk in their email software (Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird and so forth), then wonder why messages from addresses marked as “spam” continue to land in their computers.

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File and software associations

When you double-click a file that ends in “.doc” or “.docx” you expect Microsoft Word to start, then the file to open. Do you ever wonder why that is?

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BMW i3: commuter’s choice electric car

This might be the first time I went to test-drive a car and found myself asking: “What’s a guy dressed as a panda doing here?” Answer: the event I attended was hosted by World Wildlife Fund Canada CEO (and former mayor of Toronto) David Miller. Partnering with the restaurant, Bent, and BMW Group Canada, Miller introduced […]

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Clearing the Sent Items email folder

On this blog, I’ve gone on ad nauseam about why and how to keep your inbox uncluttered. I’ve even repeated certain posts to provide greater detail. But if all you manage is your incoming email, you might be missing something important.

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Review: Chrysler 200S AWD

Everywhere I turn, I note the stiff competition among carmakers to turn out roomy, comfortable sedans. Chrysler just updated its 200 and lent me the 2015 200S AWD for a week to let me see how it stacks up.

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Multiple operating systems on one Mac using Parallels 10 for Mac

When a client needs documentation for Windows-only software, I need to fire up Windows to explore that software. I mention this because my everyday computer is a Mac. Before I submit documents to my clients, I like to run them through WordRake, a “plain language” plugin for Microsoft Word. I have Word on my Mac, but the […]

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