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Martindale-Hubbell gets LinkedIn

originally published in Lawyers Weekly “I’ve been listed in Martindale-Hubbell as an attorney for as long as I’ve been an attorney – 21 years,” said Mark J. Neuberger, of counsel with Foley & Lardner LLP at their Miami office. “Martindale is regarded as the Cadillac of attorney

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Social networking sites target legal profession

originally published in The Lawyers Weekly Many lawyers already partake in Facebook, LinkedIn or one of their digital cousins. Chances are that many of those lawyers have yet to hear of social networks geared to the legal profession. Yes, Virginia, there are such things. And some of

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Lawyers hang their virtual shingles online in Second Life

Originally published in The Lawyers Weekly Do you pass lumbering purple dinosaurs, desiccated corpses smoking cigars and go-go dancers as you fly like Superman to your meetings? If not, you should register in the 3-D online digital role playing game, Second Life ( Many lawyers have hung

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Suite Relations: Neighbours plan events, swap info, and build relationships through Facebook communities

There’s an open invitation available on the web, courtesy of Jack Tsang, and it’s not just for people who live in Liberty Village’s Battery Park Condos. “I let anybody join the group,” he said. That group, founded by 32-year-old Tsang, a computer software consultant, has become a

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Virtual realty: Could Second Life shake up condo market?

Condocenter aims to shake up real estate market through Second Life Originally published on Scott Keller, vice-president of Vancouver-based Global Condocenter Corp., is confident he’s hit on a way to turn virtual reality into virtual realty. Keller took me on a tour of his firm’s newest

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Virtual worlds: Businesses experiment with Second Life

Originally published on In the early 90s, the Web was difficult to reach. Few people spent time online. Businesses didn’t know how to leverage the Net. Today, people say the same things about Second Life (SL), a Net-based metaverse created by California’s Linden Labs and developed

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