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Entourage: a eulogy

This fall, Microsoft will release Office: Mac 2011, which coincides with Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows. To me, the most notable change will be the reintroduction of Outlook to the Mac and the dropping of Entourage. From what I’ve read about this, I might be the only

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Use your firewall

Firewalls are tools, built into either hardware or software, that prevent your computer from engaging in unauthorized and potentially dangerous exchanges with other computers. Most computers come with firewalls that users can turn on to increase the security of their computers. How you can use this tip

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Do Macs need anti-virus protection?

The short answer is no. Macs and Linux are similar in that they both occupy a small part of the overall computer market. Microsoft Windows is the market leader by far, so people who create “active attacks” or malware in general do so for the largest possible

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Focusing on important email

Top-level email folders

To help you focus on important messages, you might want to filter the unimportant ones. You can do that using folders for important and unimportant emails and rules that help you distinguish between the two.

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Routers can improve computer security

Is anything connected between your modem and your computer? If not, get and install a router.

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Simplicity sells!

This 21-minute video came out in 2006, yet it’s amazing how little things have changed. If you haven’t seen it, New York Times columnist David Pogue manages to explain what technology consumers want using three Broadway-worthy songs, physical demos and the inside story of what tech support

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Safer web browsing

For most people, computer security is a cloudy subject. For Windows users in particular: beyond practising good computer hygiene and keeping anti-virus software updated and running all the time, what can you do to protect your computer? Answer: offer hackers fewer ways to get into your computer.

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Have you saved your document?

Unsaved document on a Mac

David, an editor friend of mine, recently bought a Mac. In a blog post, he mentioned keeping his Windows computer until he’s sure that he can run his business using a Mac. While he’s on the road to that conclusion, I thought I’d post a Mac-specific tip

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The true value of a computer

Many people choose their computers mainly (if not solely) by price. That’s understandable, since non-tech-savvy people don’t know how to evaluate the relative merits of different makes and models. Initial purchase price does matter, of course. But if you’re concerned about ALL the money you’ll spend on

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Social media: a better explanation

People commonly tell me they don’t get this Facebook-Twitter-Linkedin-Youtube-Myspace-whathaveyou world of ours. I don’t blame them. In our enthusiasm, we’ve created a jumble of spaghetti using social media.

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