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B2B Writing Samples

Article: Call centre solutions

Originally published in If the network is the application, it might help explain why the contact centre industry is moving away from premise-based systems and towards hosted solutions. Today’s contact centres contribute 24×7 to strategic goals, managing relationships and generating revenue along the way. As a

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Martha McCarthy & Company

Originally published in The Lawyers Weekly Two months after she opened Martha McCarthy & Company in March 2007, Martha McCarthy earned the 2007 Ontario Bar Association Award for Excellence in Family Law. The award didn’t surprise people who follow her career. McCarthy has been at the forefront

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Moodys Tax Advisors LLP

Originally published in The Lawyers Weekly The following words from Jim Peacock, president of the Alberta Law Society, might strike many lawyers as odd: “Nothing in our rules prevents a law firm from taking an ownership interest in an accounting firm.” Why would Peacock even need to

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Web application security

Originally published in Allstream Mindshift It has the makings of a perfect storm Today’s hackers are putting ego behind them as they use the promise of profit to drive their illicit Net activity. New regulations and industry practices mandate full dis-closure whenever personal or sensitive information is

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Article: customer relationship management

Originally published in Allstream Mindshift. Every business depends on its ability to do at least three things: find prospective customers, turn them into actual customers and keep them satisfied as customers. That’s why customer relationship management principles and practices permeate today’s business. They help business leaders design

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