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Evaluating productivity software training options – a white paper

Companies hand technology to employees every day, but they rarely pause to consider how effective said technology will be, or what they can do to ensure that it does help them get the ROI they seek from it. Sometimes the problem is simply this: not enough communication

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Posting video on your website or blog

Toronto freelance writer Sharon Crawford asked about putting video on a website or blog. You can embed videos posted elsewhere on the Internet (or that you have uploaded to your own web space) on any page in your website or blog. You just need to know the

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Creating a table of contents

Word processing styles are the key to “effortlessly” making a document look elegant. They also help you automate a number of different tasks, like the creation and maintenance of tables of contents (TOCs).

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Which Word styles should you use?

Styles, while being huge timesavers in Microsoft Word (and other word processors) can take a little while to learn. So I’ve devoted this blog post to explaining the styles you’re most likely to find useful. In other words, as a beginning style user, you can safely ignore

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Quick Word tips for busy lawyers

originally published in Lawyers Weekly. (Special thanks to art editor Tammy Leung for her fun take on the published article.) It’s one of those tools every modern lawyer gets to know well. But do you know Microsoft Word well enough to consider it a “productivity tool” or

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Introduction to styles

No, this isn’t a post about the latest fashion trends… Do you regularly write reports, computer manuals, brochures and other long (or even short) works that require some graphic elegance? When you write a document, you actually do two things: write content format content Many writers develop

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Online tools can deliver, but choose wisely

originally published on Business has always relied on collaboration. That fact drives the growth of online collaboration tools, but it’s an area where businesses need to tread warily.

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Five not-so-cool things about Microsoft Office:Mac 2011

screwy Word 2011 header

It’s miles ahead of its predecessor in some ways, but Office:Mac 2011 still falls short in certain areas. Some of my gripes are carryovers from Office:Mac 2008, others are brand new. I’ve listed five here. Changed keyboard shortcuts I used to use Cmd-G to go to specific

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