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How to Secure Your Laptop Before Crossing the Border

Originally published on CBA PracticeLink. U.S. border security policy poses a potential threat to solicitor-client privilege. Here’s what you need to know, and how you can protect sensitive data.

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How to be the master and get the most from your BlackBerry

originally published in The Lawyers Weekly Quick! Before you read this article, go online and find the one-minute demonstration of the BlackBerry Helmet as shown on TV’s The Rick Mercer Report. Now that you’re back, complete this sentence: Rick Mercer is: a very wealthy man once he

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VoIP overview

Do you have an IP telephony business case? “Many businesses don’t think about their phones,” says Rick Moran, vice president, Cisco Unified Communications. “With all the demands on today’s businesses, would they want to spend money to replace something that works just fine, thank you very much?”

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Wireless Exploits

There are many wireless breakthroughs occurring, which is good news for structured cabling vendors and installers. As one vendor put it, wireless access at everyone’s fingertips ultimately puts added demands on a cabling infrastructure.

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Managed Security Systems

Originally published on In August, IBM spent $1.3 billion to buy Atlanta-based Internet Security Systems Inc. (ISS). Analysts and ISS customers alike laud IBM’s acquisition In particular of the ISS managed security services portfolio. Managed security services providers (MSSPs) serve firms that choose to outsource some

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Virtual worlds: Businesses experiment with Second Life

Originally published on In the early 90s, the Web was difficult to reach. Few people spent time online. Businesses didn’t know how to leverage the Net. Today, people say the same things about Second Life (SL), a Net-based metaverse created by California’s Linden Labs and developed

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