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Virtual law offices gaining popularity in Internet age

originally published in Lawyers Weekly Magazine Looking to expand your practice’s potential market? Consider adding a virtual office to your physical one.

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Managing information overload

originally published in CCCA Magazine Thanks to the wonder that is electronically stored information, corporations profit from – and sometimes stagger under – more information than ever before. And few tasks underscore the mass of a company’s data like e-discovery. Those closest to the work know this

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Techno-savvy law firm shares secrets for success

originally published in The Lawyers Weekly How do you explain the techno-savvy – the understanding of both technology and its business value – that some lawyers instinctively bring to their practices? Maybe it’s found in their upbringing. David Feld’s entire family enjoyed computers, while Sonia Kalia introduced

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Press release: Nitro wins MDS outsourcing contract

Ottawa, February 1, 2007 – MDS Incorporated, a leading contract pharmaceutical and biotechnology research company, has signed a three-year contract with Nitro Microsystems Inc. to provide on-site level two desktop computer support and level three network server support across Canada.

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Originally published in The Lawyers Weekly It’s already happened for a variety of manufacturing, accounting and information technology companies who seek cost advantages that Canadian industry can’t match. How easily could Canadian lawyers offshore legal services to better serve their clients? More easily than you might think.

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Managed Security Systems

Originally published on In August, IBM spent $1.3 billion to buy Atlanta-based Internet Security Systems Inc. (ISS). Analysts and ISS customers alike laud IBM’s acquisition In particular of the ISS managed security services portfolio. Managed security services providers (MSSPs) serve firms that choose to outsource some

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