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Making the Switch to Mac

Thinking about going the Macintosh route? Consider what former PC users have to say. Rob Hyndman has used computers based on Microsoft operating systems since the days of MS/DOS. But 20 months ago, after the latest in a string of what he calls “Windows catastrophes” and the

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Tablet wars

originally published by CBAPracticeLink The iPad has dominated the market, but its competitors are coming on strong. It means more choice than ever for demanding professionals who know what they need.

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Profile: iPad at work

Early adoption gives Canadian businesses competitive edge Note: I wanted to profile slate computers in general, but the only one with any public profile to speak of at the time of publication was Apple’s iPad. Parag Katrodia has been selling appliances for more than two years at

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iPad apps for lawyers

originally published in CBA PracticeLink Lawyers may not view the iPad as a viable laptop substitute today, but that may change with the development of new apps. “But what is it for?” That’s the main question dogging the iPad, Apple Inc.’s new touch-screen tablet/slate computing device. The

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'Magic' iPad proves popular with lawyers

originally published in Lawyers Weekly Magazine Given the seemingly inescapable buzz surrounding Apple Inc.’s iPad, you probably don’t need it explained to you. It’s a tablet/slate computing device, it has a touch screen, no keyboard, and Apple CEO Steve Jobs calls it “magical.” But what “magic” does

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Netbooks can be useful

originally published in Lawyers Weekly They’re tiny, cheap, underpowered, and many of us wouldn’t want to use them too often. But netbooks as business computers suit some lawyers just fine. Which, considering their history, is odd. A 2009 article in Wired Magazine traced their existence back to

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