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Draft, edit documents in real time

originally published in Lawyers Weekly Magazine Drafting and editing legal documents in real time looks different when the co-authors aren’t in the same room. Just ask Brock Smith. “We log in through a secure portal using NetMeeting,” says the Vancouver-based partner in the technology and IP group

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Cloud Cover: Software as a Service enables virtual law practice management

originally published in National Magazine “When I started my firm back in June of 2008,” Florida lawyer Jason Molder wrote in his blog, “one of the first things I did was begin looking into practice management applications. I knew that in order for me to even consider

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Practicing Law with SaaS

Wiki online collaboration

Originally published in National Magazine Good lawyers have always been good collaborators. Have we entered an age where the most technologically tuned online collaborators win the lion’s share of business? Perhaps. Many of today’s web-based software arrivistes enable lawyers to handle more of their business online than

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How to Secure Your Laptop Before Crossing the Border

Originally published on CBA PracticeLink. U.S. border security policy poses a potential threat to solicitor-client privilege. Here’s what you need to know, and how you can protect sensitive data.

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Computer forensics: tips for handling electronic evidence

Originally published in The Lawyers Weekly Has the typical citizen’s day become a scene from the science-fiction film Minority Report? Maybe that person checks email on a Blackberry first thing in the morning, then uses it to make a call. On the way to work, the person’s

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Web application security

Originally published in Allstream Mindshift It has the makings of a perfect storm Today’s hackers are putting ego behind them as they use the promise of profit to drive their illicit Net activity. New regulations and industry practices mandate full dis-closure whenever personal or sensitive information is

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Originally published in The Lawyers Weekly It’s already happened for a variety of manufacturing, accounting and information technology companies who seek cost advantages that Canadian industry can’t match. How easily could Canadian lawyers offshore legal services to better serve their clients? More easily than you might think.

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Physical Network Security

Originally published in Communications and Networking Every day, network administrators stand guard over their employers’ data. After years in the trenches, many justifiably take pride in their virtual defences. Send a virus their way? They have that base covered. Wi-fi access? Watertight. Clumps of spam threatening to

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