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Free software – why and how

Computers today are so cheap, it’s easy to spend more on the software you use than the hardware that runs it. That galls many people who buy inexpensive computers. Yet too few of these people know about the alternatives: software that’s both free to install and, in

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Switching email addresses is a headache, so avoid ISP email addresses

When you move to a new home, you need to tell people your new address. It’s a headache, but it can’t be avoided. The same doesn’t have to be true for email addresses, though.

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The Google-friendly lawyer

More lawyers are looking to the internet giant’s business tools for opportunities to lower their office expenses and increase their productivity. originally published in CBA PracticeLink SaaS (software-as-a-service) continues to grow, allowing tasks that once had to be done using desktop software – from accessing important data

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Eying the iPhone?

originally published in National Magazine “On the weekend, I worked on a closing,” Rob Hyndman recalls. “Documents were sent to me. I reviewed the black lines, took two or three minutes to compare them to the list of items on my checklist, and fired off a quick

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Practicing Law with SaaS

Wiki online collaboration

Originally published in National Magazine Good lawyers have always been good collaborators. Have we entered an age where the most technologically tuned online collaborators win the lion’s share of business? Perhaps. Many of today’s web-based software arrivistes enable lawyers to handle more of their business online than

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