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Basic business social media strategy

Own a small business? Wondering how to effectively use the tangle that is social media today? Here’s the secret: pick a few things you can do well, and do them routinely.

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Social media and your insurance rates

Looking for a job? Savvy recruiters will check you out online before they check you out in person. Looking for insurance? Savvy insurance agents will do the same. That’s not to say they should, or at least not without your consent, according to a recent article in

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Expanding your network by hopping on the Internet

originally published in The Lawyers Weekly Lawyers who network already know the rubber chicken circuit. Many such lawyers are now venturing into the virtual chicken circuit, adding online social networking to their marketing efforts. Their “iChoices” continue to increase. In addition to online forums dedicated to the

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Social networking sites target legal profession

originally published in The Lawyers Weekly Many lawyers already partake in Facebook, LinkedIn or one of their digital cousins. Chances are that many of those lawyers have yet to hear of social networks geared to the legal profession. Yes, Virginia, there are such things. And some of

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Suite Relations: Neighbours plan events, swap info, and build relationships through Facebook communities

There’s an open invitation available on the web, courtesy of Jack Tsang, and it’s not just for people who live in Liberty Village’s Battery Park Condos. “I let anybody join the group,” he said. That group, founded by 32-year-old Tsang, a computer software consultant, has become a

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