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Working on the move

originally published in Lawyers Weekly David Woolford, a partner with Cassels Brock & BlackWell LLP, may conduct business from home (an hour commute from the office), the cottage (even farther) and locales like Germany or Hawaii. Kevin Davidson, a general civil practice attorney “based” in Appleton, Wisconsin,

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Preparing for e-discovery: Why firms need data retention policies

originally published by The Lawyers Weekly By some estimates, any given billion-dollar corporation faces more than 500 lawsuits every year. And for some, litigation expenses may be their largest unfunded liability. Ballooning these expenses are settlements conceded when litigation costs don’t seem to justify arguing a case.

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How to Secure Your Laptop Before Crossing the Border

Originally published on CBA PracticeLink. U.S. border security policy poses a potential threat to solicitor-client privilege. Here’s what you need to know, and how you can protect sensitive data.

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What you need to know to run a paperless office

originally published in The Lawyers Weekly “I have been practising on my own since 2002 and slowly filling up a wall of shelving with bankers’ boxes of files,” said Colorado Springs, CO-based attorney Tomasz Stasiuk. “When it came time to start another wall of boxes, that started

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eDiscovering a Solution

Originally published in National Magazine (Canadian Bar Association) Your corporate clients maintain several sophisticated computer systems, each of which contains terabytes (thousands of gigabytes) of data. Along comes a litigant who sues one of your clients. The discovery phase begins, and a nightmare may ensue. “Under the

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Acrobat 9: review

originally published in The Lawyers Weekly The definition of futility: penning a review for Adobe Acrobat in a legal publication. Acrobat has pervaded the legal profession to the point that whether to acquire it is no longer at issue. But it isn’t futile to ask whether to

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