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Managing information overload

originally published in CCCA Magazine Thanks to the wonder that is electronically stored information, corporations profit from – and sometimes stagger under – more information than ever before. And few tasks underscore the mass of a company’s data like e-discovery. Those closest to the work know this

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Guide to Courtroom Technology in Canada

originally published on CBA PracticeLink Certain high-profile trials have proven the value of technology usage in courtrooms. Yet most trials in Canada still do without even common technologies, like video conferencing, document management systems and document displays. And this absence spawns dissatisfaction. “Clients complain that the process

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Unlock the secrets of your smartphone

originally published in The Lawyers Weekly Still think that calling and e-mailing from your BlackBerry is a great productivity booster? Consider this: The gadget in your hand now boasts more power than the computers of your childhood. So why stick to traditional smartphone tools like calendars, task

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Preparing for e-discovery: Why firms need data retention policies

originally published by The Lawyers Weekly By some estimates, any given billion-dollar corporation faces more than 500 lawsuits every year. And for some, litigation expenses may be their largest unfunded liability. Ballooning these expenses are settlements conceded when litigation costs don’t seem to justify arguing a case.

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eDiscovering a Solution

Originally published in National Magazine (Canadian Bar Association) Your corporate clients maintain several sophisticated computer systems, each of which contains terabytes (thousands of gigabytes) of data. Along comes a litigant who sues one of your clients. The discovery phase begins, and a nightmare may ensue. “Under the

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Computer forensics: tips for handling electronic evidence

Originally published in The Lawyers Weekly Has the typical citizen’s day become a scene from the science-fiction film Minority Report? Maybe that person checks email on a Blackberry first thing in the morning, then uses it to make a call. On the way to work, the person’s

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