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3D digital modelling drives design innovation

originally published in Plant Magazine Theme park executives and ride designers watch as their newest rollercoaster crests the first hill. The drop that follows thrusts the coaster through the loops, turns and other thrills that will lure thousands of adrenaline seekers a year or two from now.

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Practicing Law with SaaS

Wiki online collaboration

Originally published in National Magazine Good lawyers have always been good collaborators. Have we entered an age where the most technologically tuned online collaborators win the lion’s share of business? Perhaps. Many of today’s web-based software arrivistes enable lawyers to handle more of their business online than

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Acrobat 9: review

originally published in The Lawyers Weekly The definition of futility: penning a review for Adobe Acrobat in a legal publication. Acrobat has pervaded the legal profession to the point that whether to acquire it is no longer at issue. But it isn’t futile to ask whether to

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Originally published in The Lawyers Weekly It’s already happened for a variety of manufacturing, accounting and information technology companies who seek cost advantages that Canadian industry can’t match. How easily could Canadian lawyers offshore legal services to better serve their clients? More easily than you might think.

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Convergence — The "Triple Play"

The phone rings. You pick it up. Your computer screen opens a window showing the caller’s face – live. Another window appears, listing a file on the caller that you keep in your customer relationship management (CRM) system. And all you did was pick up the phone.

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