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Project management on a Mac

Freelance writer Jane Langille asked me about Outlook for Mac, now that it’s back on the market and has replaced Microsoft Entourage. “Is it worth buying the new Office for Mac Home & Business version 2011 just to get Outlook? The project management integration between Mail, iCal

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Unlock the secrets of your smartphone

originally published in The Lawyers Weekly Still think that calling and e-mailing from your BlackBerry is a great productivity booster? Consider this: The gadget in your hand now boasts more power than the computers of your childhood. So why stick to traditional smartphone tools like calendars, task

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Effectively handling e-mail overload

originally published in The Lawyers Weekly “Neither our standard education, nor traditional time-management models, nor the plethora of organizing tools available, such as… Microsoft Outlook… has given us a viable means of meeting the new demands placed on us.” David Allen was talking about the modern-day knowledge

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How to be the master and get the most from your BlackBerry

originally published in The Lawyers Weekly Quick! Before you read this article, go online and find the one-minute demonstration of the BlackBerry Helmet as shown on TV’s The Rick Mercer Report. Now that you’re back, complete this sentence: Rick Mercer is: a very wealthy man once he

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