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A Bavarian hybrid experience: the BMW 330e with eDrive

It’s tough to balance the promise of hybrid fuel economy with the power many drivers want to enjoy in a car. It can be even tougher when an automotive brand is known for quick vehicles. That’s what makes the BMW 330e a fascinating car to test.

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The automotive technology arms race is alive and well: the BMW 750i xDrive

I usually interact with vehicles I drive by touching some surface inside said vehicle. Yet when I twirled  my finger in the air or waved my hand, the BMW 750i xDrive knew exactly what to do. The Bavarian Motor Works has a reputation for jamming all sorts of technology into its vehicles,

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BMW X1 xDrive 28i

It’s rare that I say “no thanks” to extras on vehicles I review, but I had to ask the rep who recently set me up for a week with the BMW X1 xDrive 28i to remove the BMW-branded roof rack it was equipped with. (I was afraid it might hit the

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Fun in the sun: the BMW 228i Cabriolet

When carmakers build facilities on large plots of land, they like the roads that lead to their facilities to bear their company names. BMW goes one better. Their offices north of Toronto aren’t located on “BMW Avenue.” They’re on – wait for it – Ultimate Drive. That’s

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