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Technology Topics

Apple – Macs, iPhones, iPads in business

An Apple consultant once told me he’d love to come back in a next life as a fly on the wall in Apple’s research and development department. So would a lot of equities traders, given the company’s stellar stock market performance as it creates devices people want

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Major car companies have other suppliers create parts for them, which they assemble to make the finished product. Companies in many industries base their help desks in India. Many of the items we buy in department stores sailed across oceans to reach local store shelves.

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Information security

Have any of your readers experienced data theft? If so, did it happen via an Internet connection? Or was a computer simply taken? Business information is so important that your readers guard theirs carefully. Keep them up-to-date by giving them articles detailing the latest developments in security.

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Videoconferencing, telecommunications convergence, or the "triple play"

Bringing television signals, Internet access and telephone calls into a building used to involve at least two, and sometimes three, separate wires. No more – today’s telecommunications and cable companies seek to provide all three using just one “pipe.” In doing so, they make certain applications –

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Electronic documentation

How many of your readers go to filing cabinets and newspapers on a regular basis? Fact is, many of them are more likely to browse their company databases, personal hard disks and the Internet. Electronic data has fundamentally changed the way people search for, store, and otherwise

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Social networking

Today’s professionals seek novel ways of promoting their businesses via LinkedIn, and even building new businesses in Second Life. Meanwhile, teenagers hang out on Facebook and play World of Warcraft. Both groups have jumped into social networking, often known as Web 2.0, for their own different reasons.

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