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Tagging files

Sometimes I come across features that seem cool, but in my case amount to overkill. Apple’s Finder Tags are one such feature.

It makes sense to tag computer files with specific words so that you can find them later when you need them. This is especially true of images and other types of files that don’t have much text in them. That’s why I’ve gotten in the habit of putting specific words in the dialog that pops up when you right-click a file icon and choose:

  • Get Info on the Mac
  • Properties in Windows

When it comes to text files, though (as well as images), I can quickly find the files I need by searching for the folder that contains files related to specific projects or other topics. My text files also frequently contain keywords that make them pop up in system-wide Spotlight searches.

I could go on, but my point is that I’ve long developed habits that negate any need I might have for Finder tags. I suspect the same is true for other long-time computer users. That said, there’s nothing wrong with Apple offering different ways to handle and organize documents. I’m sure plenty of people use Finder tags.

Curious about how Finder Tags work on the Mac? Check out the video below. Do they seem to be of any use to you?