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A better car touchscreen?

Carmakers continue to pack ever-increasing amounts of technology into their wares. While much of what they offer makes perfect sense, I sometimes wonder if buyers understand how to use it all.

To be fair, many people have had difficulty learning how to use sophisticated gadgets, most notably computers, ever since they were first introduced. Now, however, we live in the age of tablets like the iPad, things that people pick up easily, both in the literal and figurative senses.

It might be easier to get people to “pick up” things like navigation systems, umpteen audio inputs and other recent car tech if it’s packaged in such a way as to make it simple to access and use.

Maybe putting controls on a large screen like an iPad and colour-coding the controls would make it easier for people to get used to controlling various aspects of their vehicles using touchscreens. At least that’s the proposition made by the video below.

I’d be tempted to try such controls. Do you think you could get used to an interface like this? What pros or cons could you think of?

(Thanks to my friend Jacques Trepanier for sending me this video.)


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