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Wacky mobile phone facts

They’re ubiquitous. We take them for granted. But the mobile phone phenomenon supplies all sorts of nutty statistics.

Earl Ray at Coupon Audit tells me he scraped such stats from online sources like CNet, Technorati and the New York Times to create the infographic below. (The comparison of the need for phones to the need for coffee, bathing or sex is a great up-front attention-getter.)

I firmly believe Mark Twain’s quip about lies, damn lies and statistics. I also didn’t fact-check the stuff here. But it’s a quick, fun read nonetheless. Enjoy! (August 20, 2016: This link no longer works.)

How Cell Phones Transformed Our Lives?


This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Abebooks coupons). (August 20, 2016: This link no longer works.)