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Getting website statistics

For a self-described geek, I don’t spend enough time tracking my website’s performance or improving upon it.

Then I got a message via my website’s contact form that got me thinking about my site’s place on the web. put a bunch of information about my website in an infographic that calls my site “average” and lists seven things I can do to improve my site’s performance. There’s a bunch of information below this first screen too, and maybe I’ll get around to taking care of it all… uh… well… one day.

Want to try it out? Visit the Big Web Stats site and type the url of a website in the space provided. Then wait a minute or so while the site compiles the results.

For fun, I tried on Big Web Stats. Adobe gets a “perfect” rating. I also tried other people’s sites, and their scores varied. If nothing else, Big Web Stats provides a useful summary of stuff you can dig deeper into as you learn how to optimize your site.