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Keep time with a tomato

Decades ago, an Italian fellow decided he needed to better focus on his studies. So he started setting a tomato-shaped kitchen timer for 25-minute intervals and promised himself he would not let himself get distracted until the timer rang.

Since then, the time-management tool he called the Pomodoro (Italian for tomato) Technique rose in popularity. It’s based largely on the concept of working uninterrupted for 25 straight minutes, then taking five minutes away from work.

I’m using the Pomodoro Technique right now, thanks to Pomodoro Desktop software. You can find other software to help you track pomodori (plural of pomodoro) or just pick up a kitchen timer. (If the software at the other software link doesn’t suite you, just google “pomodoro timer” and you’ll find plenty of other options.)

Research the technique online to learn more about it, starting at The foundation is 25 minutes work, five minutes rest, so you know all you need to get started, but it offers more productivity tips for you to try.