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Find networking events on LinkedIn

Update, December 2012: LinkedIn has shut down its Events feature. Read LinkedIn’s official announcement here.

Want to meet specific people, or people in specific industries, face to face? Why not go to a networking event that those people are slated to attend?

Even better, contact people who plan to attend said events to arrange face-to-face meetings!

In the same way that companies post open jobs on LinkedIn, both companies (like the ones on your “poster-child clients” list in your LinkedIn game plan) and individuals use LinkedIn to post news of upcoming events.

Find event listings in LinkedIn

To find out about events posted in LinkedIn, follow these steps:

  1. In a web browser, go to
  2. Browse event listings by industry type, region or event name.
    If you browse by either industry type or region, LinkedIn will have you narrow down the listings by the other criterion.
  3. When you find an event that interests you, click View Event.
    The event listing includes information like people who plan to attend and what companies they work for.

You can find LinkedIn event listings in other places too, like group pages, company pages and individual profiles.