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Notebook computer battery health

Batteries can be fickle things, especially the ones we rely on to keep our notebook computers going. Fortunately, you can keep your batteries in decent health for years and forgo the expense of buying new batteries by following a few simple procedures.

This blog post explains a basic battery maintenance procedure for Apple MacBooks, but since many notebook manufacturers source batteries from the same supplier, I suspect this procedure works for other notebook makes too.

The procedure:

  1. Fully charge your MacBook (and leave it charged for about 2 hours)
  2. Fully drain your MacBook (by using it on battery until it turns off)
  3. Fully recharge your MacBook again.

If this doesn’t help you recalibrate your notebook’s battery, search the web using the following terms: “recalibrate battery (NotebookMake) (NotebookModel).” Remember to replace the two terms in parentheses with your notebook’s make and model.