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Find jobs on LinkedIn

Enterprising job-seekers of both the salaried and freelance variety might mine job websites to find out which companies are looking to fill positions. But today, both companies and recruiters are increasingly using LinkedIn to fill positions, especially since they’re interested in finding people who aren’t currently looking for jobs.

Find jobs in LinkedIn

Check several places within LinkedIn to find out about currently open positions, including:

  • company pages, like the ones for the “poster-child clients” list that you created as part of your LinkedIn game plan.
  • the “Jobs You May Be Interested In” section on your LinkedIn home page.
  • LinkedIn weekly update emails. LinkedIn members automatically get these emails unless they choose to stop receiving them.

Follow up on LinkedIn job postings

While you can readily apply for jobs that interest you, try researching them first by doing things like:

  • finding out if any of your contacts work at the company posting the job can give you any extra information about the position. LinkedIn can also tell you if any of your contacts used to work at the company, which widens your potential pool of contacts.
  • taking the freelance approach: contact the company to determine whether the position could be performed by a contractor instead of a full-time employee.