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LinkedIn: Skills

We all have skills that we want others to know about. So LinkedIn created a feature that enables members to tell other people what they have, and they gave this feature the obvious name: Skills.

Adding skills to your profile

To add skills to your LinkedIn profile, follow these steps.

  1. Once you’re signed in to LinkedIn, move your mouse pointer over the More menu at the top of the LinkedIn page and choose Skills.
  2. Type a skill in the field that appears (e.g. Freelance Writing) and click Search.
  3. Check out the skill description that appears. If you have this skill, click Add Skill to list it on your profile.
  4. Add as many skills to your profile as you like.

Finding people with certain skills

When you added skills to your profile, you probably noticed a list of people below the skill description. These people have all listed this skill in their profiles.

In fact, each “skill page” also lists companies, jobs and groups associated with the skill. You can use these sections to enhance your networking – they can lead you to opportunities valuable to job seekers, recruiters, journalists and people playing a variety of other roles.