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Why use online calendars?

It’s a great idea to use an electronic calendar, if for no other reason that you can ensure it automatically gets backed up.

That calendar exists, obviously, on one of your electronic devices. Now you can also put a copy of your calendar on the web. Why would you do this?

Here’s a quick list of benefits.

  • never lose your calendar, even if your hard disk crashes
  • synchronize your calendar across multiple devices (e.g. computers, phone, tablet)
  • share specific “public” calendars with other people.

While you can use a variety of services to do these things, the best-known one seems to be Google Calendar. Here’s a handy (if aging) video that explains how to sync your Mac calendar with Google Calendar:

Outlook users can follow these instructions or just check out this one-minute video:

On a slightly related topic, Toronto-area journalists can learn more about Google tools at this free event tomorrow.