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How to blog

They’re the new newsletters. Millions of current blogs cover just about every business topic under the sun.

You want your blog to stand out. How do you make that happen?

Take it seriously by taking the steps below. They’ll have you running your blog like a magazine, building a loyal readership and delivering business benefits.

Be prepared for a gradual process. It can be a lot of work (as the list implies), but the rewards can build up over time if you stick to it.

Starting and maintaining a blog

I’ve divided blogging into the following not-quite-sequential steps.

  1. Create a vision for your blog
  2. Brainstorm blog post ideas
  3. Look for more ideas
  4. Plan your blog content
  5. Set up your blog platform
  6. Write your posts
  7. Title your posts
  8. Review and revise your posts
  9. Tag your posts
  10. Publish your posts
  11. Promote your blog
  12. Keep track of blog feedback

For explanations of the steps mentioned above, click here.

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