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Can You Believe There's an App For That?

originally published on on behalf of a client

Odd apps for mobile devices date back to at least the Palma Sutra, if not before. But Apple has spurred huge numbers of “fringe developers” to mess with our iBrains. Most of these apps cost $0.99, so developers might make money on offerings that make you wonder about the App Store approval process.

Some of these apps go where no apps have gone before. Maybe they shouldn’t have.

RUSexy: This love tester lets you “meet people or judge them,” all while letting you measure your own “hotness level.” A great idea for those who trust their love lives to a 99-cent app.

Anti-Aging: Did RUSexy return an insufficient hotness level because of wrinkles, acne, cellulite, stretch marks, arthritis and a host of other age-related matters? Then step right up! This app offers color, light and sound therapy treatments tailored to the condition you want to treat, all for the low price of $2.99!

iPoop: You can learn important things about your personal health from number 2. WARNING: using this app may lower your hotness level.

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Task-list apps: These things have spread like mushrooms, so the key differentiator may be what they promise to help you do. For instance, if you hate task lists for what they represent -getting things done – then get the Put Things Off app. And guys, if you need help keeping things smooth on the home front, get either one of the Honey Do apps – here’s one, and here’s another.

iAllowance (requires iTunes; available in Canada only): Get kids into task lists! They can track their chores and the allowances that go with them. Granted, the kids need to budget $1.99 to get this app – after getting an iPod Touch or iPhone to run it.

DrinkTracker: We’re all for keeping track of your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). That said, what did the field-testing look like for this app? Did “volunteers” remember to enter that seventh martini or umpteenth beer, and if they did, could they still read the display?

Hunting Calendar: In a demographic match made in heaven (see also Fishing Calendar), this app helps you plan auspicious hunting trips. Remember to pick up Predator Hunting Calls and Deer Calls and Sounds to help you broadcast woodpecker distress calls and deer grunts during the hunt.

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Finding new apps: A whole class of apps now alert you when new apps hit the App Store. AppSniper, for instance, tells you when an app you covet goes on sale, while more full-featured apps like PandoraBox send you several alerts each day full of the latest and greatest.

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