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FluidConcepts magazine copy

originally published in Award Magazine

‘Think – Design – Create’ aptly describes fluidconcepts’ philosophy on delivering well-designed customized office furnishings.

Mississauga, Ontario-based fluidconcepts starts from exceptional up-front design services to guarantee office furnishings, production and service that meet its customers’ needs.

“We’ve created product lines that are easily customizable in the commercial world,” says fluid concepts president Byron Leclair.

“We have a catalogue of components, but will deviate from it to help customers adapt our products to their needs.” This leads to economical solutions of any height, width, depth, shape or material – without upcharges or limitations.

“Our team is made up of industrial designers to work closely with dealers, designers and customers,” Leclair continues, “We are not just ‘specifiers’ who put pre-determined furniture blocks together. We know our clients are our best innovators.”

“Fluidconcepts designs products to fit the client rather than the other way round.”

Quattro, the latest fluidconcepts line of office furnishings, lets clients tailor its versatile square post and beam components to their needs – productive open spaces, tranquil private offices, dynamic meeting spaces, welcoming reception stations – Using Quattro’s sturdy, functional and pleasing designs and materials.

Result: the workstations that help define who clients are.

Part of fluidconcepts’ DNA comes from Leclair himself, a former product designer and marketer for Teknion. “I built fluidconcepts from a customer driven product design standpoint, first and foremost,” he says.

Little wonder that leading architectural firms like B+H Architects, national engineering firms like Stantec Engineering and other creative building professionals look to fluidconcepts to meet their own customers’ needs – and in the process have become customers of fluidconcepts themselves. Fluidconcepts attracts a broad range of clientele, such as H&R Block, XM Satellite Radio, University ofToronto and HSBC.

And since companies increaSingly pay attention to the ecological repercussions of their purchase decisions, 30 to 40 per cent of all fluidconcepts furnishings consist of recycled materials, while up to 95 per cent of components are themselves recyclable. “We source from companies that share our commitment to the environment,” says Leclair.

To define fluid concepts itself, Leclair’s take is simple: “We are an integrated design and manufacturing company focused on real customer solutions.”

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