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White paper: Contract Manufacturing in Puerto Rico

In an era characterized by the need to continuously evaluate and bolster R&D pipelines, the increasing complexity and overall cost to develop and approve drug products, the trend toward genericization, and mounting pressures to both decrease prices and maximize profitability, the pharmaceutical industry has sought competitive advantage in lower cost manufacturing jurisdictions.

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico provides unparalleled value as a location for high quality cost effective pharmaceutical manufacturing. Companies capitalize upon the advantages and safeguards of conducting business within a U.S. jurisdiction, while gleaning the benefits of operating within a favorable tax structure. In addition, the Puerto Rican government offers a low corporate tax rate and incentive program to eligible companies. The Island has developed an efficient infrastructure for the conduct of business, has cultivated a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce, and has attracted a comprehensive network of support services over its 40 year history in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Contract manufacturing is a proven model and a strategy long adopted as a mechanism to manage risk, gain access to additional capacity, contain cost, maintain flexibility and minimize capital expenditure. Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) situated in Puerto Rico provide an attractive way, for companies with an existing presence on the Island of Puerto Rico, and for those without, to make the most of the advantages Puerto Rico has to offer.

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