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White paper: Evaluating productivity software training options

Computers are ubiquitous. However, this ubiquity has snuck up without much training to ease the change. Some take to computing like fish to water. Others, however, find themselves immigrants in a land they didn’t know they had adopted.

This issue should not stop computing novices. Just as newcomers to a strange land can break down language barriers through language learning, computing novices can overcome productivity hurdles through computer training.

To provide value, they must do so. They must become computer literate.

So they seek available options, but find them lacking. Often, they are  ineffective, not interactive, and teach material that learners don’t need.

The result: too many perfectly competent professionals, set to contribute substantial amounts of value to an enterprise, find themselves hobbled by the evolving tools of the trade.

The irony: these formidable tools are meant to help professionals increase their productivity, not befuddle them.

The challenge: to help the less computer-savvy achieve their potential through better learning solutions.

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