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Email solicitation: telecom presentation

You might think a Canadian hockey stick maker would be immune to competitive pressure from outside the Great White North.

Think again. Hundred-year-old Heritage Wood Specialities Inc., maker of the venerable Hespeler and other well-known brands, faces a flood of cheaper sticks from China, Mexico and India.

When even our hockey stick makers feel the heat from foreign competitors, their relatively cheap labour and a strong Canadian dollar, what can Canadian exporters do? Answer: improve efficiency and productivity.

Better business naturally flows from the strong partnerships you build with customers, suppliers and distributors. That’s why the Ontario Division of the CME has asked its partner, Allstream, to help our members strengthen the ties they value, to turn them into ties that bind. Allstream can explain how to use today’s collaboration tools to quickly:

  • boost your revenues.
  • increase your team’s productivity.
  • enhance your customer service and account management.
  • improve cross-group collaboration and communication.
  • make better decisions, faster.

Want to know more? Allstream and the CME plan to co-host a Smart Session to answer your questions.