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Firewall: a quick explanation

It sounds like it ought to protect you, but you’re not entirely sure how – or even if your computer has one!

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Making the Switch to Mac

Thinking about going the Macintosh route? Consider what former PC users have to say. Rob Hyndman has used computers based on Microsoft operating systems since the days of MS/DOS. But 20 months ago, after the latest in a string of what he calls “Windows catastrophes” and the

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Mac users, PC users: the stereotypes researched

It’s one of the funnier posts you’ll ever read, even if it’s purported to be true (I didn’t bother fact-checking this one – it stands on entertainment value alone…) 

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Speeding up a slow computer

Computers can slow down as they “age” but following two simple pieces of advice can keep them relatively spry and useful for years to come. And if you’re handy with a screwdriver, you can do some of these things on your own.

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Switching between open applications and documents

My friend Mara emailed me last week asking how to switch between documents on her computer using the keyboard.

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A quick, cheap, versatile Windows file backup: Windows Briefcase

When I used Windows XP daily, I also carried around a USB memory stick with a complete backup of all my important documents. Yes, this was several GB in size, but maintaining this backup was pretty easy. You see, I used a not-very-well-known Windows utility called Briefcase

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