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Effectively handling e-mail overload

originally published in The Lawyers Weekly “Neither our standard education, nor traditional time-management models, nor the plethora of organizing tools available, such as… Microsoft Outlook… has given us a viable means of meeting the new demands placed on us.” David Allen was talking about the modern-day knowledge

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Surviving the downturn

While global markets tank, big Canadian law firms are proving resilient so far Originally published in The Lawyers Weekly The world’s economy is faltering and some lawyers wonder if their businesses might follow suit. While major Canadian firms are keeping a stiff upper lip, cracks are beginning

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Working smarter with wikis

originally published in Lawyers Weekly “Potential hotbeds of anarchy.” That’s how Stewart Mader initially described certain public wikis. As an author, consultant and founder of Grow Your Wiki, Mader helps businesses implement this still-fresh Web 2.0 technology, but he admits that negative publicity surrounding select public wikis

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Martindale-Hubbell gets LinkedIn

originally published in Lawyers Weekly “I’ve been listed in Martindale-Hubbell as an attorney for as long as I’ve been an attorney – 21 years,” said Mark J. Neuberger, of counsel with Foley & Lardner LLP at their Miami office. “Martindale is regarded as the Cadillac of attorney

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Voice dictation tools helpful, but still have kinks

originally published in The Lawyers Weekly Ronald Morton, founding member of the Clinton, MS Morton Law Firm, PLLC, relates his post-meeting routine: “I pick up my digital dictating machine as soon as a client leaves. I dictate what we talked about and what the plan is. As

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Working on the move

originally published in Lawyers Weekly David Woolford, a partner with Cassels Brock & BlackWell LLP, may conduct business from home (an hour commute from the office), the cottage (even farther) and locales like Germany or Hawaii. Kevin Davidson, a general civil practice attorney “based” in Appleton, Wisconsin,

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3D digital modelling drives design innovation

originally published in Plant Magazine Theme park executives and ride designers watch as their newest rollercoaster crests the first hill. The drop that follows thrusts the coaster through the loops, turns and other thrills that will lure thousands of adrenaline seekers a year or two from now.

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Preparing for e-discovery: Why firms need data retention policies

originally published by The Lawyers Weekly By some estimates, any given billion-dollar corporation faces more than 500 lawsuits every year. And for some, litigation expenses may be their largest unfunded liability. Ballooning these expenses are settlements conceded when litigation costs don’t seem to justify arguing a case.

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Practicing Law with SaaS

Wiki online collaboration

Originally published in National Magazine Good lawyers have always been good collaborators. Have we entered an age where the most technologically tuned online collaborators win the lion’s share of business? Perhaps. Many of today’s web-based software arrivistes enable lawyers to handle more of their business online than

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