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Evaluating productivity software training options – a white paper

Companies hand technology to employees every day, but they rarely pause to consider how effective said technology will be, or what they can do to ensure that it does help them get the ROI they seek from it. Sometimes the problem is simply this: not enough communication

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Project management on a Mac

Freelance writer Jane Langille asked me about Outlook for Mac, now that it’s back on the market and has replaced Microsoft Entourage. “Is it worth buying the new Office for Mac Home & Business version 2011 just to get Outlook? The project management integration between Mail, iCal

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Five not-so-cool things about Microsoft Office:Mac 2011

screwy Word 2011 header

It’s miles ahead of its predecessor in some ways, but Office:Mac 2011 still falls short in certain areas. Some of my gripes are carryovers from Office:Mac 2008, others are brand new. I’ve listed five here. Changed keyboard shortcuts I used to use Cmd-G to go to specific

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A minimalist’s five favorite things about Microsoft Office:Mac 2011

For the past week and a half, I’ve been playing with a pre-release version of the latest Microsoft Office:Mac courtesy of Microsoft Canada and Microsoft Office:Mac evangelist Kurt Schmucker, who flew in from Seattle to brief journalists. And for those of us who insist less is more,

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Opening .docx, .xlsx or .pptx files

If you don’t own Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 (or the Mac equivalents, 2008 or 2011), you might have difficulty opening files created by these newer versions. Modern MS Office components (like Word and Excel) tack an “x” to the end of each three-letter extension now, signifying

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Free software – why and how

Computers today are so cheap, it’s easy to spend more on the software you use than the hardware that runs it. That galls many people who buy inexpensive computers. Yet too few of these people know about the alternatives: software that’s both free to install and, in

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Does your business still need Microsoft?

originally published in Lawyers Weekly Sam Glover started down his “nonconformist” path by installing Ubuntu, one of many distributions of the Linux operating system, on an aging IBM ThinkPad he wanted to rejuvenate. Jennifer Gabriel works for a 22-person Ottawa law firm that went from typewriters to

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Unlock the secrets of your smartphone

originally published in The Lawyers Weekly Still think that calling and e-mailing from your BlackBerry is a great productivity booster? Consider this: The gadget in your hand now boasts more power than the computers of your childhood. So why stick to traditional smartphone tools like calendars, task

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Lawyers hang their virtual shingles online in Second Life

Originally published in The Lawyers Weekly Do you pass lumbering purple dinosaurs, desiccated corpses smoking cigars and go-go dancers as you fly like Superman to your meetings? If not, you should register in the 3-D online digital role playing game, Second Life ( Many lawyers have hung

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