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Fixing file associations

Months ago, a fellow writer downloaded an office suite that she wanted to try. After she installed it, though, the new office suite started every time she opened a document it recognized. It seemed as though the new office software she installed told her computer to open

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Getting computer help from friends

You know the geek (sorry, good friend, or “help desk person”) you call when your computer goes on the fritz? The one who happily helps you for free? Make that person’s life easier. If there’s nothing wrong with your Internet connection and you can turn on your

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Creating meeting invitations (Outlook, iCal)

Have you ever received a “meeting request” or calendar invitation via email? I send them often, since they’re a really handy way to get meeting information into calendars belonging to other people.

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Mac users, PC users: the stereotypes researched

It’s one of the funnier posts you’ll ever read, even if it’s purported to be true (I didn’t bother fact-checking this one – it stands on entertainment value alone…) 

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Tablet wars

originally published by CBAPracticeLink The iPad has dominated the market, but its competitors are coming on strong. It means more choice than ever for demanding professionals who know what they need.

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Project management on a Mac

Freelance writer Jane Langille asked me about Outlook for Mac, now that it’s back on the market and has replaced Microsoft Entourage. “Is it worth buying the new Office for Mac Home & Business version 2011 just to get Outlook? The project management integration between Mail, iCal

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Five not-so-cool things about Microsoft Office:Mac 2011

screwy Word 2011 header

It’s miles ahead of its predecessor in some ways, but Office:Mac 2011 still falls short in certain areas. Some of my gripes are carryovers from Office:Mac 2008, others are brand new. I’ve listed five here. Changed keyboard shortcuts I used to use Cmd-G to go to specific

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A minimalist’s five favorite things about Microsoft Office:Mac 2011

For the past week and a half, I’ve been playing with a pre-release version of the latest Microsoft Office:Mac courtesy of Microsoft Canada and Microsoft Office:Mac evangelist Kurt Schmucker, who flew in from Seattle to brief journalists. And for those of us who insist less is more,

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Lawyers who really love Macs

originally published in Lawyers Weekly Magazine Special interest groups pop up around all sorts of things, so it isn’t surprising that about 50 lawyers spent a recent weekend in Florida talking about how to run a law office using Apple Macintosh computers.

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