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Data disasters are waiting to happen

Having a recovery plan is indispensable for your system’s inevitable crash Ben Sapiro well knows the meaning behind the metaphor “like closing the barn door after the horse escapes.” When lawyers call him about disaster recovery, it’s usually because something has already happened. “Very often, questions come after

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The virtual deal room is now more advanced

Used as data rooms, lawyers can share confidential information. Physical “deal rooms” house documents pertaining to confidential activities such as mergers and acquisitions. Access to such rooms is controlled. No photocopiers are found within, and no cameras allowed inside. Brock Smith, a Vancouver-based partner in the technology

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Tablets becoming better tools thanks to useful apps

Each lawyer in Russell Alexander’s firm has an iPad. The founder of Russell Alexander Family Lawyers has been using one since Apple Inc.’s tablet debuted four years ago. Donna Neff, founder of Neff Law Office Professional Corporation, started her tablet experience on an iPad 2, a device

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Quality work deserves a quality website

Does your law firm’s website reflect your firm accurately? Does the content on the site mesh with your firm’s work and history? Do pictures of offices and people on the site match your actual offices, lawyers and staff? If you answered yes to these questions, congratulations. Your

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