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Eying the iPhone?

originally published in National Magazine “On the weekend, I worked on a closing,” Rob Hyndman recalls. “Documents were sent to me. I reviewed the black lines, took two or three minutes to compare them to the list of items on my checklist, and fired off a quick

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Unlock the secrets of your smartphone

originally published in The Lawyers Weekly Still think that calling and e-mailing from your BlackBerry is a great productivity booster? Consider this: The gadget in your hand now boasts more power than the computers of your childhood. So why stick to traditional smartphone tools like calendars, task

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Big Mac attack: Is Apple poised for a bigger bite of the business market?

originally published on You know the business world is changing when IBM, co-founder of the personal computer age, offers employees computers that run on operating systems other than Microsoft Windows — including, of all things, Apple Inc.’s Macintosh. Apple hasn’t traditionally been a common computer brand

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Working on the move

originally published in Lawyers Weekly David Woolford, a partner with Cassels Brock & BlackWell LLP, may conduct business from home (an hour commute from the office), the cottage (even farther) and locales like Germany or Hawaii. Kevin Davidson, a general civil practice attorney “based” in Appleton, Wisconsin,

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The smartphone showdown: BlackBerry versus iPhone

Originally published in Lawyers Weekly. Video pirates posted this scene from the Italian translation of the movie “Sex in the City” on YouTube: A bride-to-be demands a phone. Her friend hands her a sleek black slab. She takes it. Icons spring onto the device-long screen – no

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Computer forensics: tips for handling electronic evidence

Originally published in The Lawyers Weekly Has the typical citizen’s day become a scene from the science-fiction film Minority Report? Maybe that person checks email on a Blackberry first thing in the morning, then uses it to make a call. On the way to work, the person’s

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